Realty company helping to sell York County home where body was found speaks out


WARRINGTON TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY, Pa. -- A Dillsburg-based realty company is in the process of selling a home at the center of a death investigation.

This comes after two people inspecting a York County home located at 40 Kralltown Road in Warrington Township, find the body of what state police believe to be an elderly woman.

The remains were found inside of a freezer in bags with a blanket laying over everything, in a outdoor shed.

A spokesperson with the realty company for the home says houses in foreclosure come as-is and sometimes things aren't uncovered until an inspection is done. 

“This obviously doesn’t happen very often thankfully! We were very surprised when we heard the news that a body was found," said Paul Hayes, partner, Keller Williams Keystone Realty in Dillsburg. 

A spokesperson with the realty company behind the listing says homes sold as foreclosures can come with some baggage.

“Our job is to market the property and find buyers for the property and with a lot of bank-owned or distressed properties there’s a lot of debris, you know the property hadn’t been maintained for years, so there were a lot of unknowns with the property," said Hayes.

However, Hayes says finding a body isn't as common.

“There’s been instances of maybe some dead animals, things like that but as far as a body goes that’s a whole other level," added Hayes.“Everybody was shocked and it’s really unfortunate there is nothing positive about hearing a story like this," said Hayes.

While the potential buyers of the home are expected to close on Thursday, that could change. 

“A lot of it can be worked out between the buyer and the seller, this is a little unique in terms of the perceived impact," said Hayes.

Hayes says the buyer could still technically back out. 

“There may be repercussions with their deposit monies or whatnot," said Hayes.

Realty experts say when foreclosed homes go on the market it is not a requirement in the state of Pennsylvania to disclose if there was a death on a property.

“As good practice, if there is a grisly murder where it is easy to find that information myself personally I would proactive in disclosing that," said Hayes.

The for sale sign in front of the home has since been taken down.

It's unclear if the two people who found the body were prospective buyers- or people who just stopped by to look at the property.

Officials say more details will be released in the coming days.

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