Valentine’s Day Fun with Party Host Helpers

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YORK TOWNSHIP,Pa—Whether you are looking for love or locked in a committed relationship, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to throw a party!  Whether it’s a singles mixer, a party for your kids or get together with your favorite ladies.  Renee Patrone, Founder and CEO of Party Host Helpers stopped by the FOX43 Morning News Show with some easy ideas.

First up, use candy as decorations.  Renee filled glass vases with Hershey’s kisses, conversation hearts and red gummies.

She also created a simple, centerpiece using everyday drinking glasses and waffle cones.  Grab 6 tall water glasses and a box of waffle cones.  Pick up a bouquet of assorted flowers from your grocery store and cut them so they are two inches above the cone.  Place flowers in cone, place cone in glass and set them as your centerpiece.

Renee also had a few balloons filled with helium at the local party story and added her own stickers for a personal touch.  She used lipstick stickers and letter stickers to spell out messages on the balloons.

When it comes to food, Renee suggests hosting a brunch.  An easy meal to serve is a waffle bar!  She toasted frozen waffles and cut them into a heart shape.  Put all the toppings like whipped cream, syrup, chocolate chips, strawberries out for our guests to build the best breakfast.

Renee also put together a healthy veggie and cheese board, but in a heart shape!  So using a cookie cutter shaped like a heart she trimmed cucumbers, red and green pepers, pepperoni and cheese into hearts.  Tasty and fun to eat.

For beverages, Renee created a Fizzy Sorbet on-air.  Using an ice cream scoop, scoop out little balls of your favorite frozen sorbet like lemon or raspberry.  Place them onto a baking sheet and pop into a freezer until they are harden.  Pour your favorite sparkling wine or champagne, or Sprite for a mocktail!, into a champagne glass and add the scoops! They will melt and fizz and be delicious!

Renee also served up a Pink Lady which is crisp and pink!  Mix 4 ounces of sparkling wine, 2 ounces of lemonade, ¼ fresh lemon squeezed, 1 ounce of cranberry juice – mix together and pour over ice.  Add a few mint leaves or drink immediately!

Renee also showed us how to throw an at-home spa day for a Galentine’s Day Party.  Complete with mani’s and pedi’s for your guests, she also whipped up a DIY face scrub.  Take a cup of sugar – brown or white – and mix it with a ½ cup of olive oil.  Add your favorite essential oil or a few drops of vanilla extract.  Mix together and store in a mason jar.  You just need a tablespoon in the shower and it’s the perfect gift to give this Valentine’s Day!

Renee also showed us a cute kids craft to keep them busy during Valentine’s Day or even a snow day!  

Create a heart bird feeder by using a wire or a pipe cleaner.  Bend it into a heart shaped and let your kids slip on Cheerios or a similar cereal.  Tie on a ribbon once done and hang outside for a bird feast!

Renee also used her cookie cutter again to make heart-shaped PBJ sandwiches and kabob sticks with gummy candy to allow the kids to build their own sweet kabobs!

When it comes time to have a romantic dinner with your loved one or throw a big bash for all your kid’s friends – make sure you book Party Host Helpers!  From Valentine’s Day to St. Patty’s Day to Easter and all your favorite summer celebrations – we can help you with all the details, so you can actually enjoy your guests!





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