You’re gonna need a bigger bowl: Kentucky man hooks 20-pound ‘goldfish’

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Photo: Cassie Anderson (via Facebook)

DANVILLE, KY — A Kentucky man’s fish story has gone viral on Facebook.

Hunter Anderson became Facebook famous last week when he hooked what is believed to be a 20-pound, 30-inch-long goldfish at a lake in his hometown of Danville, KY.

His sister, Cassie, posted a photo on Facebook. The picture soon went viral.

Photo: Cassie Anderson (via Facebook)

Hunter Anderson, 22, told USA Today he caught the fish with a leftover biscuit.

“This was the hardest fighting fish I ever caught,” he said. “It never wanted to give up.”

After reeling it in and taking a photo, he released it back into the lake, Anderson said.

Some wildlife experts aren’t convinced what Anderson caught is actually a goldfish.

It could be a butterfly koi, according to Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife spokesperson Kevin Kelly.

He told USA Today the department’s fisheries biologists came to that conclusion because the fish appears to have “a barbel near its mouth.”

A butterfly koi of that size would be considered average, Kelly said.

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