Man attacked at knifepoint by brother opens up after incident leads to deadly officer-involved shooting

MENALLEN TOWNSHIP, ADAMS COUNTY, Pa. -- One man is dead after a sibling altercation involving a knife turns into a deadly officer-involved shooting in Adams County.

According to police, 34-year-old Michael Drayer attacked his brother, Jesse Drayer with a knife and chased him down until a state police trooper shot and killed him. 

It happened Wednesday night at a home in the first block Staymen Drive and continued to Bendersville and Carlisle Road in Menallen Township.

The victim and brother of the man who died, tells FOX43 he doesn’t blame his brother for what happened. He says his brother Michael Drayer suffered from mental illness.  

According to Drayer,  his brother was visiting his Menallen Township home from Allentown when he ran out of his medication and started acting strange.

“He was connecting things that had no equation," said Drayer. “I couldn’t get to him, I couldn’t reason with him," he added.

Drayer says he attempted to help his brother get the medication filled at a local pharmacy, but he refused.  

“He started reciting gibberish that he thought was a different language," said Drayer. “I had the phone in my hand about to call the police and he walked to that kitchen and then he grabbed a knife.“As I opened the door that’s when he stabbed me in the left arm over the left elbow," he added.

Drayer says he started running down Staymen Drive while his brother chased him with a knife towards the intersection of Bendersville and Carlisle Road. 

Drayer then jumped into the back of a white pickup truck and took cover until state police arrived on scene.

 “I said, he’s trying to stab me. I need you guys to get him away from me," said Drayer.

According to state police, Michael Drayer was not listening to verbal commands to surrender and continued to chase his brother with a knife.

“I said don’t hurt him don’t hurt him," said Drayer. “He took two steps and someone fired two bullets," he added.

 Michael Drayer was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

“There’s always what if’s, what could I have done, what if I would have come home sooner, what if I would have acted differently, what if he wouldn’t have come by, what if what if what if," said Drayer.

Drayer says he wants people to take a closer look at mental health.

"We’re not doing enough. I’ll be honest that’s the only reason I am sitting here talking with you right now. It’s about what’s really happening we have people that are really in need of help," he added.

No troopers were hurt.

Officials tell FOX43 they are continuing to investigate the incident.

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