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Police investigate rash of vandalism in Marysville

"Mad, angry, and couldn’t believe that somebody does this,” said Bobbi Jo Mims.

Mims says Friday night was emotional.

She spent the day with a 71-year-old woman who she says is like a mother to her.

When they got home late Friday night, Mims realized the woman’s car had been vandalized.

“Symbols on this window, foul language on this window here and the back window here. And then I went up to this car and they had foul language on these two windows and the word, ‘Billy Bob’ on the front of the car, and I don’t know what that means,” said Mims.

Marysville Police Chief Aaron Richards tells us the woman, who didn’t want to be named, is one of 11 victims of the Friday night vandalism.

The other ten victims were from across the borough.

The 71-year old victim, who Mims refers to as Mimi, is the only African-American target, and given the nature of what was drawn on her car, Mims says she’s concerned.

“There were other cars marked up, but there were no cars that had those symbols. So I don’t know I they know that my Mimi is African-American or not,” said Mims.

Chief Richards says there are no suspects right now.

However, he thinks this may have been teenagers trying to be funny.

Richards says there is no reason to believe any of the victims were targeted.

But Mims is urging people to be vigilant, and encourages whoever is responsible to think about how their actions might affect others.

“We need to join together and join forces, we all leave together in this country. We have more freedom than a lot of other countries, so let’s embrace it and unite with one another,” said Mims.

Chief Richards says the messages were written in liquid chalk, and there was no permanent damage to any vehicle.

He says there is no threat to the public, but this is an active investigation.

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