Emu on the run in York County

CONEWAGO TOWNSHIP, Pa. — People in northern York County found something unusual on the loose, and police don’t know who it belongs to.

Northern York County Regional Police said they’ve had their fair share of calls for things that have gone missing and later found.

“We’ve found iguanas,” Lt. Gregg Anderson, said. “We’ve had many found animals that it’s unusual.”

So when rumors started spreading about a rogue emu, well…

“It’s not the first time ever,” Lt. Anderson said. “We’ve had emus, I bet ya, 10 years ago. We’ve had emu sightings for a long time.”

The most recent call was Monday. And before that, earlier this month.

FOX 43 went looking for it, and stumbled upon the guy who found it.

“I looked out the window and there was an emu in the neighbor’s driveway,” Garry Willders said. “And it was hissing and making weird noises. It just seemed like it was really wild. Like it was out for a while, ya know?”

He said it was first spotted on Buck Road.

“We heard some rumors,” Willders said. “A lady they call, 'the Mountain Woman' on Buck Road, might’ve been hers.”

“And she responds out and looks at this emu and says, 'not my emu’,” Lt. Anderson said.

It eventually went up and down the street, scaring other animals, holding up traffic, and following another neighbor like a lost puppy.

And after two hours, it got away.

“Got it on the back of a truck on the tailgate, and it just started flogging us and jumped off the side and we just couldn’t get it again,” Willders said. “For as big as it is, it’s very fast. Three of us had a hold of this thing and it got away from us ya know, it was just amazing.”

Police aren’t worried. They said there is no threat to the public. They just want the emu to be safely returned to it’s owner, and, for the owner to contact them.

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