Local restaurant owner opens doors to everyone during snowstorm

While much of York County is quiet during a snowstorm, Delta Borough is full of life.

“Not only is it an awesome community, it’s a community filled with people that over pour with this feeling of giving,” said Sal Ferranti, owner of Delta Pizza.

And Ferranti is right in the heart of it.

He was just a kid when he and his family came to the United States from Italy back in 1984.

“We were actually looking for Little Italy in Baltimore and we kind of tripped over Delta and we decided to stay here because it was a small town, very welcoming,” said Sal.

It was that warm welcome that’s had him opening his doors at Delta Pizza for the last 35 years, even on the coldest of days.

“Looked on FaceBook, looked on social media, saw Sal’s post today, he’s supporting the first responders and the kids in the community. He does a lot for the community, so I’m like, ‘Where else are we going to go?’” said Art Cox, a regular customer.

Sal’s post on FaceBook, offering to deliver food to first responders out in the snow- free of charge.

“That means a lot to us. We actually do a lot that people don’t know about, we don’t eat normal hours, we don’t sleep normal hours. And that’s great because we don’t get offers like that very often,” said Amanda Bray, a local EMT.

The post continues, inviting anyone to come get something to eat and stay in the warm restaurant as long as they would like, even if they don’t have money.

And if they can’t get to the restaurant, well, Sal’s got that covered, too.

“There’s a young lady, she’s a single mom with a child, and the child is about one year old. She’s got no food, and she asked me if she could bring her some food, but unfortunately i don’t have any food for the young child since he’s only a year old,” said Sal.

Making a special trip to the grocery store…

“If you’re a single mom and you have a child and no vehicle and no house and no money, this would be a very, very enormous task,” said Sal.

...to get this family what they need.

To most, Sal is an inspiration...

“Sal is just like a great community person…” said Cox.

“He’s very friendly and definitely very giving to the community,” said Bray.

But for Sal, it’s the community that inspires him.

“I think the message is what the town does for us as opposed to what we do for the town. I think we’re all in it together. So the message is that we’re all stronger together than just me alone, and this town is a true reflection of that,” said Sal.

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