Towing companies rescue drivers stuck in the snow

YORK COUNTY, Pa. -- The snow may have stopped, but towing companies have a message for drivers the next time we get winter weather.

Who wants their car to end up like this BMW?

This is the kind of thing Lee Reese, a tow truck driver, says he sees every time we get a snow storm.

“Honestly, you see a lot of people who shouldn’t be on the road. People driving their two wheel cars that shouldn’t be on the road, have no business being on the road," said Lee Reese.

Reese runs with Mike's Towing And Recovery in York County.

Those cars are the ones he says he usually pulls from ditches.

“They don’t have the traction to get where they need to go," said Reese. "You don’t have four wheels moving... you aren’t moving very well, and this is just not the condition to be out in anyways."

On North Sherman Street in Springettsbury Township, we saw some drivers not moving well... if at all.

Benjamin Ortiz, a neighbor, said he’s not surprised.

“You see them getting stuck here all the time," explained Ortiz. "At least twenty cars [getting stuck] there, coming up [the hill]."

It wasn't just the sedans getting stuck.

Mike Walls, the owner of Mike’s, says drivers pull tractor trailers too.

"They get to a hill, cars in front of them slow down, of course, the tractor trailers can’t get up the hill, because they lost their momentum," said Walls.

Although he’s able to charge more for tows during snow storms, it's not something he likes having to do.

“I prefer it to be nice out. We’re just as busy when it’s nice, and it’s dangerous. Not only for the motorists, but us too," added Walls.

Lee says drivers can do everyone a favor by maintaining vehicles before the snow even hits.

“Tires are a big one. Tires, and you got to make sure you ABS system on your car is working correctly because if that’s not working correctly, you won’t be able to see when you hit the breaks," he said.

Best case scenario, according to Reese?

"Stay off the roads," said Reese. "And if you got to go out, make sure you have a four wheel drive vehicle.”

The one other thing tow truck drivers we spoke with have to say?

If you do get stuck somewhere, don’t leave your car unattended.

Police called Mike's Towing and Recovery for disabled vehicles that were blocking plows.

Because of that, those drivers got charged an extra fee.

Not to mention, tow truck drivers say it’s safer to be inside the vehicle than on the road.

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