Snow transitioning to sleet, freezing rain and eventually rain by late tonight!

COLD AIR HOLDING ON: Snow began falling early this morning and has blanketed the area white. Heavy snowfall rates of 1-2″ per hour were observed through the mid-morning hours along with thundersnow in Franklin County! Colder air has been holding on, not allowing the warm air aloft to cause too much in the way of mixing just yet, although a transition to sleet is expected to begin by 1 PM. Temperatures at the surface still remain in the mid to upper 20s, which means frozen precipitation is still likely. Sleet should continue for the next couple of hours before more warming occurs and we watch a transition to freezing rain. This will likely be the most hazardous precipitation as it will run the risk of turning roadways into skating rinks, creating dangerous slick and icy conditions. Freezing rain will continue until temperatures at the surface rise above 32 degrees, at which point we will finally changeover to plain old rain late tonight. Heavy rain is possible overnight Wednesday, but will dry up in time for the morning commute by Thursday.

WARMER, DRIER END TO THE WEEK: Temperatures rebound nicely Thursday, climbing back up into the upper 40s during the afternoon! Clouds should be clearing allowing for some sunshine to return; however, gusty winds are to be expected. Gusts from 20-30 mph are likely Thursday, but will calm down later at night. Clearing skies and calming winds will allow temperatures to tumble into the low 30s Friday morning. Friday doesn’t look to be as warm as Thursday, but still seasonable for this time of year in the low 40s. Spotty cloud cover is likely Friday ahead of the next system that will be moving in this weekend. With warmer temperatures this time, we are tracking rain showers as opposed to snow showers!

WET AND WEARY WEEKEND: The next system we are eyeing for this weekend will thankfully feature rain showers as opposed to snow showers. Models still differ on the exact timing of when the system moves in and that will play a factor in whether we could see some freezing rain or not. The European model brings in precipitation during the predawn hours Saturday morning, and this could mean some freezing rain would be possible with temperatures in the low 30s overnight Friday into Saturday. The GFS model brings precipitation in later in the day which would be enough time for temperatures to warm nicely into the 40s, that would mean strictly rain. Either way, showers are looking likely Saturday night and drying up early Sunday.

Stay “Weather Smart” all week long with the FOX43 Weather Team!

– Chief Meteorologist MaryEllen Pann

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