Man scares away intruder in Harrisburg

HARRISBURG, Pa. -- Police in Harrisburg are investigating an attempted break-in that has some neighbors surprised by the timing of incident.

The victim says he saw someone trying to get inside his home on the 1700 block Susquehanna Street Wednesday afternoon during the snow storm.

That neighbor says he can't speak on camera, but tells us it was around 11:30 in the morning when he saw a man tampering with his second floor window.

That man says he scared off the alleged intruder trying to open his second floor window by banging on the window.

That man shared what happened online writing, "I heard the window being tampered with and I banged on it. He then jumped off our balcony."

As well as, "It appears that there were two young men walking around with a blue shovel knocking on doors around this time. Coincidentally, there was a blue shovel left below my balcony."

People who live nearby say they are surprised that someone would try that in the middle of the day.

"It's a surprise to me, and I figure if somebody was trying to break into somebody's house, it was because they thought they were at work.. Or nobody was home," said Chris Smith, who lives near where it happened.

"Because of the snow yesterday, apparently, the person whose house was almost broken into was there. They must be rookie thieves then. They picked the worst time to do that!" added Smith.

Greg Harris says, in his ten years in the neighborhood, there hasn't been much violent crime.

"Usually, it seems like it's people that are just looking for something to sell or make money off of," explained Harris. "I've never heard of a break in down here where somebody tried to harm somebody."

Another neighbor says he's not worried because of his neighbors.

"I have good neighbors. They look out for us, talk to us, and we know our neighbors. I feel like you can't say that about all places," said Joshua Moritz, a neighbor.

Police are looking to talk to two men who would’ve been in the area Wednesday around 11:30 a.m. - one dressed in all black and another with a grey hood.

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