“A Special Blend Coffee Shop” teaching students life skills at Warwick Middle School

LANCASTER COUNTY -- Students in the Warwick School District are serving something special during school. Thanks to a new program in the "Life Skills" class, students are learning how to make and serve coffee.

Students enrolled in Sandy Yoder's "Life Skills" class at the Middle School work at "A Special Blend Coffee Shop" every Friday morning.

Sandy Yoder started planning the opening of the coffee shop 2 years ago and wanted to use it to help teach students how to be independent.

“We do cooking skills in my classroom. We do social skills in my classroom and we do academics." Yoder went on to say "This is all functional academics. They are applying it to what they are learning in here.”

The orders of coffee, cold brew and hot chocolate are placed on a Friday and are served one week later. This gives the students enough time to practice the skills they need to present a perfect drink. The drinks are ordered and served to teachers and staff.

Ashley Snyder is the shop's cashier. Her role is to take order forms and cash and give the customer exact change. "I think it in my mind what they gave me and I try and make sure I make the right change before I give it.” Ashley went on to say knowing this skill is extremely important to her.

Mrs. Yoder had to put a cap on the number of orders the shop can take and realistically fill. That's about 40 orders a week.

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