New Holland Police accuse spa employee of prostitution

LANCASTER COUNTY — New Holland Borough Police have charged a woman with prostitution and promoting prostitution after an investigation into alleged misconduct at the Angel Spa on the 400 block of West Main Street in New Holland.

Jane Doe, who refused to give her real name to investigators, was charged after an undercover investigation by New Holland Police, who were following up on complaints from residents in the area, police say.

Police say they found Doe, who was the only occupant of the business at the time, was offering to perform sexual acts on customers at the spa in exchange for money. According to the criminal complaint affidavit, an undercover officer visited the spa and paid $40 to receive a massage from Doe.

At the conclusion of the massage, police say, the woman made a gesture with her hands simulating masturbation and asked the officer, “You want?” The officer asked the woman “how much,” and the woman replied “$20,” according to the criminal complaint.

The woman then performed a sex act on the officer for several minutes, according to the criminal complaint. The undercover officer eventually notified police about the proposed sex act, and the suspect was arrested, police say.

Doe was found to be in possession of $494 cash.

Police are still attempting to determine the woman’s identity.

Doe was arrested Thursday and committed to Lancaster County Prison.

The investigation is ongoing, police say.

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