Moderate to heavy rainfall tonight, plus dangerous wind gusts pick up tomorrow!

HEAVY RAIN, T-STORMS TONIGHT: Most of Saturday has featured dry weather thus far. It has been cloudy and we’ve seen a few spotty, light rain showers, but aside from that it’s been pretty quiet. Heading into tonight, steady rain will move in with the possibility of moderate to even heavy rain showers late. Showers will overspread the area after 11 PM with more consistent rain settling in. The best chance for thunderstorm activity along with the heavier rain will be between 2 AM and 7 AM Sunday. At this time, the risk of flooding appears to be unlikely given the lower rainfall totals. We will still continue to monitor the possibility of water issues overnight. Rain showers will be drying up between 8 AM and 10 AM Sunday. Temperatures rebound nicely into Sunday afternoon, but with that strong winds will be picking up!

DANGEROUS WIND GUSTS SUNDAY: The bright side of Sunday includes significantly above average temperatures! Strong southwesterly flow through the entire atmospheric column drags in a powerful stream of warmer temperatures. We should be climbing into the upper 50s and topping out in the low 60s for highs tomorrow! Unfortunately, that same strong southwesterly flow will be responsible for dangerously strong wind gusts picking up Sunday afternoon. A High Wind Warming goes into effect 1 PM Sunday for the entire area and will be in effect through 1 PM Monday. Wind gusts in the 50-60 mph range are possible during this period with sustained winds around 20-30 mph. Given the rainfall we see tonight, the ground will be left saturated and trees will be easier to bring down. Those trees could fall on power lines and bring the concern for power outages both Sunday and Monday. Hazardous travel is also to be expected among high profile vehicles.

Have a wonderful Saturday!

Meteorologist Jessica Pash

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