Neighbors clean up downed trees in Cumberland County

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NORTH MIDDLETON TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- People across the region were experiencing power outages, downed trees, and damaged property. Monday they had to deal with the aftermath.

It was loud on Pearl Drive where downed trees are being cut down and removed, but not nearly as loud as the bang that woke Betty-Jo Arlington and her husband up at 1 a.m.

"It was definitely a loud crash," Arlington said.  "It kind of sounded like a car crash without the glass."

"At first I didn't know what happened," her husband, Jon Rapoza, said. "We just looked out the window and right there was the tree that was down by the wind."

That tree falling on the roof of their home.

"We just looked at it and we said oh boy, 'gotta take care of this'," Rapoza said.

Luckily only the gutter and vent were a little damaged. No broken windows, and more importantly, no broken bones.

"Ya know, a couple feet one way it would've been through a window," Arlington said. "Could've been on top of us, but it kind of landed perfect."

Unfortunately, it's going to cost them. Arlington said the removal probably won't hit their deductible. Still they agree it could've been worse.

"Just grateful that nobody got hurt, and money is money, and people are more important and we're not hurt so that's all that matters," Arlington said.

"They said it was going to be windy but, I didn't think it was going to happen," Rapoza said.

They said they plan on removing the rest of their trees, in case next time they aren't so lucky.

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