Strong winds hit Central Pa., leave thousands without power

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DOVER TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY, Pa. -- The strong winds caused a headache for property owners in Central Pa. and kept emergency crews busy Sunday night.

The winds sent debris flying, knocked down trees, and caused thousands of power outages across the Commonwealth.

As the sun set Sunday evening, the wind only got stronger.
"It's crappy.. I’m not a big fan of wind," said Courtney Meck of York Haven. "It just feels blustery as Pooh Bear would say, and it’s not even 'Windsday' so I don’t understand.”
All story book references aside, Meck says the winds could be dangerous for students.
"I drive school bus for F&S Transportation so that would really rough on our buses, especially them waiting out in that," explained Meck.
The winds also put a strain on drivers and their little ones.

"Yeah, coming down the interstate, it was blowing me all over the places," said Joey Jackson of Pottsville. "It was scary. Got to keep my son safe!”

Zayne Cantler, the owner of Out on a Limb Tree Care, wants to remind folks of the scary things that can happen to their property.
"You’re going to wake up to some uprooted trees, some power outages, damage to cars, things like that… it’s coming," said Cantler.
Cantler says because the grounds are so saturated, and the winds are so strong, trees could come crashing.
“It can be very dangerous. You don’t know whether a tree is going to uproot until it does. And when it does… it’s already too late," added Cantler.
If it is too late, and you wake up to a tree on your house, Cantler says call your insurance company right away. Next call? An arborist who can clean it up the right way, and be safe: evacuate if necessary and treat any downed power lines as if they were live.
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