Wind to blame for damaged cars, homes and power loss in Adams, Franklin counties

YORK SPRINGS, ADAMS COUNTY, Pa. -- Trees crashing onto cars, thousands of power outages, and the wind ripping the roof right off a house - that's what people are dealing with across Central Pennsylvania.

In York Springs, Adams County, the power lines were quite literally sideways.

As for power on Main Street in York Springs, nobody had it Monday afternoon.

Mother Nature clearly wasn’t too kind.

"All I saw was the lights went off in our house, but the guy, the owner of the pizza shop we’re standing by, said it’s arching and sparking," said Butch Shellehmer of York Springs.

Like anyone with a full fridge stuck in a black out, Shellehmer is worried about how much money he might lose.

“I spent about $100 to $200 yesterday, and it seems like every time, I go to store and buy food, it seem like we have something happen in York Springs!” added Shellehmer.

It wasn’t just people in York Springs feeling the brunt of the wind.

A family in Greene Township, Franklin County told FOX43 off camera, a man who lives on Black Gap Road lost his roof within the same week as losing his mother.

In Franklin Township, Adams County, the wind continued to cause problems.

“This is my next door neighbor's trees that came down and landed on top of my wife’s car," said Manuel Parks of Franklin Township.

Parks told FOX43 he cleared any problem trees on his property years ago.

He says he got a scary phone call from his wife Sunday night and rushed home from work.

“There was a tree laying down across the road, and I just went over. I have all wheel drive, I went over the log... I was getting my wife and kids," explained Parks.

The trees shut down part of Route 30 for a time, took out the gas line, and several people in the area momentarily lost their power.

Despite the damage, Parks felt grateful.

“It’s just things. It’s not people," explained Parks. "If somebody had been injured, I would be upset and injured and have all sorts of problems, but this is just the adventure of life."

Park says it would be wise though for people to contact an arborist in the future.

“If there’s any chance they could come down, take care of it when you got the chance, cause it’s better to take care of it beforehand, than afterwards," he said.

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