York Springs cleans up mess from Sunday night windstorm

"The wind was so bad. All you heard was things moving and falling,” said Susanna Ford, a York Springs resident.

"I woke up to a crash that I didn’t think was real at first,” said Amelia Livelsberger, another York Springs resident.

Neighbors along Main Street in York Springs, Adams County, waking up at around midnight Sunday night to see a large oak tree laying in the middle of the street.

"The wires were on the road and me and dad went outside for a little bit, and there’s just a telephone pole down,” said Livelsberger.

According to Met-Ed, one of the main power providers in Adams County, the tree fell first, and broke six of nine utility poles along main street.

Crews were outside working to fix the damage all day on Monday.

"What’s your reaction to this?" Fox 43 asked Ford.

"Wow…wow," said Ford.

"It’s shocking. It’s shocking that the winds that we’re having now could cause that much damage. I just can’t believe it,” said Julie Livelsberger, Amelia's mother.

A spokesman with Met-Ed tells us about 500 homes lost power from the wind storm, but nearly 400 customers had their power restored before dawn.

"It took a little while but in the middle of the night, we got our power back on, but you can see on that side or that side where there is no power still,” said Ford.

But there are still about 100 people who aren’t so lucky.

"The refrigerator is not working, it’s so dark in the house. And now it’s 50 degrees in the house. So cold,” said Livelsberger.

So in the meantime, it’s off to mom’s house for a while……

"At least tonight, and maybe tomorrow if the power’s not back on," said Livelsberger.

Met-Ed tells us they are hoping to restore power to the rest of the homes by the end of the night on Monday.

Borough officials, though, say it might not be back until Wednesday.

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