‘Ask Evan’: “What are the differences between yellow and white speed limit signs?”

This week's 'Ask Evan' question comes from Daryl H from Thompsontown.  Daryl asks,  "What is the difference between the yellow and black speed limit signs versus the white and black ones? On a curve near my place is a yellow/black sign of 35 mph and the approaching white/black sign is 45 mph.  Are you officially speeding if you do 45 mph around the curve?"

The black and yellow signs are called advisory speed limit signs.  They indicate a speed recommendation-- when it may be non-obvious to the driver that the safe speed is below the legal speed.  For example, the legal speed limit on a stretch of road is 40 mph-- and because a semi-blind curve is just ahead a yellow and black sign indicates the upcoming curve and a suggested speed limit of 20 mph.

There are various uses for advisory speed signs including city centers and outside schools where there are lots of pedestrians.  They are also found on difficult stretches of roads, such as on tight corners or through roadwork and exit ramps.

You can not get a ticket for travelling above the advisory speed limit, but keep in mind it could be considered negligent and you risk liability for any collisions that occur as a result of traveling above the advised limit.

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