Power outage causes Perry County grocery store to lose $30,000 worth of food

CARROLL TOWNSHIP, PERRY COUNTY, Pa. - A grocery store in Perry County lost power due to the wind and the owner says it's cost thousands of dollars in lost food. While the power was back on Tuesday afternoon, the grocery store was without power for 33 hours. They had to throw almost everything frozen or refrigerated away.

"It's such a waste," said Market Place IGA Owner, Robert Brunner as he looks in a dumpster full of about $30,000 worth of food.

The IGA lost power at five Monday morning. Tuesday morning, the power was still out.

"When I see this much stuff gone to waste it makes me feel bad," said Brunner.

Brunner says the power was supposed to be back on Monday night, it was then pushed back to eight Tuesday morning. The power wasn't on until two, Tuesday afternoon.

"I'm not confident of anything in PPL at this point," said Brunner.

Brunner was hoping to salvage what he could or donate the food to food banks, but as the hours passed, everything that needed to be refrigerated or frozen quickly became warm and melted.

"After so many hours we couldn't sell it to anybody and take the liabilities," said Brunner.

While the store had to throw away thousands of dollars worth of frozen or refrigerated items, they're hoping to salvage some things like frozen french fries.

"We are debating whether we will throw that away yet or not," said Brunner.

Beyond the estimated $30,000 worth of food, once the power is back on Brunner will have to wait for shipments of frozen and refrigerated items to be delivered.

"It'll be the week before we are halfway back in business," said Brunner.

The IGA will reopen seven Wednesday morning with limited frozen and refrigerated items until shipments arrive later this week.

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