Windstorm damage keeping roofers in Central PA busy

CAMP HILL, CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Pa. --  Contractors and insurance companies in Central Pennsylvania are busy after winds up to 60 miles per hour left a trail of damage. 

From torn off shingles, to structural  damage from trees, roofing experts with Central Pennsylvania Roofers say they've seen it all. 

“There's a house we were working on where a thirty foot section, the whole pack of shingles just blew right off the roof. Another house had a lot facial metal on the house just ripped and blown off," said Sean Barowski, owner of Central PA Roofers. 

Barowski says it's important homeowners take care of the damage now, rather than later.

“With snow coming we want to get everything sealed up for the homeowners now," said Barowski. 

If you have any damage from the wind storm, Barowski says the first thing you should do is call your insurance company to see what they can do and don’t forget to take pictures.

He says don’t let the cost of things stop you from getting damage repaired.

“Down the road that cost can multiply by ten if it’s not fixed the right way right now," Barowski added. 

For Bill Brown, who had a 70 foot tree fall onto his home , he says he has no choice but to pay for repairs. 

“All the sudden I heard this loud boom and it shook the whole house, so I came down came out of the kitchen and saw it right away," said Bill Brown of Cumberland County. 

“It’s extremely stressful I mean I have a daughter in college now and other things to do with that money so the unexpected you’re never really prepare. "The deductibles are high on homeowners claims so I think I am going to try to pay out of my own pocket," added Brown. 

A spokesperson with State Farm Insurance tells FOX43  they have received more than 1,500 claims in Pennsylvania following the windstorm.

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