Hanover eagles lay first egg in their nest in Codorus State Park

HANOVER — Eagle watchers rejoice!

The Hanover bald eagles nesting in Codorus State Park laid their first egg Tuesday at about 5:07 p.m., according to HDonTap, which installed the 4K high-definition cameras over the nest this year.

The eagles, named “Freedom” and “Liberty” have been delighting viewers for five years.

Their nest, located about 75 feet off the ground in a tree outside a private residence at the park,

Last year, “Freedom” and “Liberty” had their share of drama at the nest. Another female interloper arrived, chased “Liberty” from the nest, and appeared to eat one of the nest’s two eggs.

“Liberty” was missing for about two weeks after the incident, but by the end of March, she returned to chase the interloper away.

Sadly, by then it was too late to hatch any eggs.

Perhaps “Liberty” and “Freedom” will have better luck this year.

You can watch them here.

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