Landisburg looks to put restrictions on sale of medical, possible recreational marijuana

LANDISBURG, PERRY COUNTY, Pa. - Landisburg is looking to put stricter limitations on the sale of marijuana. As a pre-emptive measure, they're also trying to prevent recreational marijuana to be sold in borough limits.

Landisburg is a tiny town of just about 200 people. The borough's council president says he wants to pass this ordinance to help preserve the town and keep marijuana out of it.

The ordinance proposed would prohibit the selling, growing or distributing of marijuana. Landisburg Borough Council President, Steve Kowalewski says, it's their attempt of getting ahead of possible legalization of recreational marijuana in Pennsylvania.

"We don't want smoke shops coming into the borough selling marijuana and individuals getting intoxicated," said Kowalewski. "From our perspective, it's just a bad perspective that we want to have on the community."

Kowalewski wants the borough to be as weed-dry as possible, similar to areas that don't allow the sale of alcohol. With the legalization of medical marijuana in the state, the ordinance would allow the drug to be sold at a pharmacy where more than 50 percent of business is not marijuana.

"We just don't want it in the borough," said Kowalewski.

FOX43 did talk to several people in Landisburg who did not want to voice their opinions on camera. Some told us they agree with the ordinance, while others say borough leaders should be focusing their attention on other issues.

"In the end we are just a small town in Perry County," said Kowalewski.  "We are just trying to do what's right for the community."

There will be a borough meeting for public comment on this ordinance Monday, March 11th at 7pm at the Landisburg Fire Company. If this ordinance were to pass, it would be enforced by the borough's code enforcement officer. Anyone not in compliance would receive a fine.

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