Police: Drunk Franklin County woman punched hospital security officer, spat on nurse

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CHAMBERSBURG — A 31-year-old Franklin County woman has been charged with two counts of aggravated assault and one count of disorderly conduct after police say she punched a security guard and spat on a nurse while she was a patient in the emergency room at the Chambersburg Hospital.

Autumn Jade Burton, of Waynesboro, was charged after the incident, which occurred Sunday at about 10:48 p.m., according to Chambersburg Police.

Police say Burton became unruly after she was brought to the ER in a state of heavy intoxication. She allegedly left her room and attempted to walk around the hallway, ignoring requests from hospital staff to return to her room. When a security officer attempted to escort her back to her room, police say, she slipped out of his grasp and struck him in the face.

Burton was then led back to her room and placed in a bed with restraints, according to police. When a nurse entered the room, police say, Burton allegedly yelled obscenities at her and spat in her face. A spit mask was then placed on Burton’s face, police say. She then began yelling she was HIV-positive, according to police.

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