Two sentenced to prison for 2018 home invasion robbery in Lancaster County

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LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa.–  Two people have been sentenced to prison time for their roles in a home-invasion robbery in 2018.

Earl Walker Jr., 44, was sentenced to 16-32 years in prison for his role in the incident, while Carol Gast, 32, was sentenced to 4-8 years in prison.

On July 9, 2018, Walker Jr. and two other individuals were armed when they entered a West Kendig home.

At the time of the home invasion, eight people were inside the home, including a man who was hit in the face with a shotgun and lost several teeth.

Other occupants of the home, including children, were also threatened by Walker and the other intruders.

Gast had a BB gun (that appeared to be a real gun) at the time of the invasion.

Two juveniles have also been charged in the incident, and cases are pending against both.

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