Mayor of Middletown Borough declares snow emergency

Proclamation by Mayor of Middletown, James Curry

Whereas, conditions in the borough of Middletown will most likely deteriorate as a result of the forecasted heavy snowfall and accumulation.  It is necessary to prohibit certain conduct in order to preserve the public peace within the borough.

Now, therefore by the authority invested in me by Section 252 of the Middletown Borough Code, I hereby declare a Snow Emergency within the borough of Middletown, and proclaim as follows:

1.  For the duration of this emergency in order to safeguard the general welfare and permit free travel of emergency vehicles and snow removal operations to proceed without unnecessary hindrance, all persons are hereby ordered and directed not to operate motor vehicles in the borough of Middletown, except for essential travel or to preserve health and safety.

2.  For the duration of this emergency, parking of motor vehicles on sides of streets marked “Snow Emergency Route” will be subject to immediate tow away.

3.  For the duration of the emergency hereby declared, all persons are hereby ordered and directed to obey all orders and directives of Borough Police Officers, State Police Officers, and all other duly constituted peace officers, regarding routes for vehicles and pedestrian traffic.

4.  This State of Emergency hereby declared and this Proclamation shall remain in effect until further notice.

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