Conditions only worsened throughout Lancaster County Sunday evening

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EAST LAMPETER TOWNSHIP, LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. -- The roadway conditions only got worse in Lancaster County Sunday night.

FOX43's Grace Griffaton had a look at Lincoln Highway East in East Lampeter Township.

Tractor trailers inched up the roadway, and some cars slid on the wet snow.

All throughout Lancaster County, it looked like something straight out of a movie.

Snow fell all throughout the afternoon and into the night.

“I love it. The deeper the better!" said Nathan King, who clearly loves the snow.

By 6 p.m., the snow began sticking to cars, sidewalks, and the roads.

“I don’t like it," said Andrea Geurcio, who hates the snow. "It’s cold snowing, and of course, for driving, it makes it a mess!"

Some roads turned into white blankets by the time it got dark and it left people wondering what it could be like come sunrise.

“I was supposed to work all day, so I’m a little nervous about that," said Leah Johnson of Lancaster County. "Hopefully, they just close things down, so I won’t have to go to work.”

Other folks told us they want more snow!

"It’s been a tease," said King. "The snow comes, and it rains, and it’s all gone. I just want it to stay cold and accumulate!”

“If they say two inches, I want two feet!" said Elmer Fisher of Lancaster County.

Elmer Fisher says he loves two things about the snow. Believe it or not, he says driving in it and seeing his dog play in it.

Driving  is one of the biggest concerns we heard from people throughout the day.

“Especially in the night, there’s black ice," added Geurcio. "You can slide and get into an accident, and it’s not safe.”

"If people have cars, and they don’t have all wheel drive, they should probably stay home," added Johnson. "Cause I think those usually have a lot more trouble, and I usually find those at the side of the road, cause they get stuck."

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