Lancaster County residents dig their way out following snowfall

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LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. --- The start of the new work week had a little more work tacked on following recent snowfall.

A snowfall that caught the attention of 13-year old Ambrose O'Neill of Lancaster Township.

“One of the heavier snowfalls of this year,” said O'Neill.

He spent his morning shoveling alongside his brother, in what he called a "family effort," to clear the way around his home.

“Just trying to try and make sure that I get the path really clear because I’ve seen people who just try and shovel a tiny bit. It pays off when you get the entire sidewalk,” said O'Neill.

While he says shoveling work has it's "ups and downs," he'd prefer to avoid the weather, all together.

“I’m pretty sick of winter, can’t wait for the spring. Even more for summer," said O'Neill.

A sentiment that is shared by one of his neighbors, David Zablocki, 29.

“After March first, it needs to stop," said Zablocki.

His bias towards a March winter wonderland stems from his garden delivery business.

He's longing for more colors, such as green and yellow, as opposed to white.

“I really need the groundhog to be right. By March 10, I need to start seeing flowers, I need to start seeing sunshine, I want to feel some Vitamin D on my skin," said Zablocki.

Thomas Heisler, 65, of Manor Township on the other hand, isn't putting a lot of stock into the weather predications of furry creatures.

“What do they know? They got fur on, they’re always warm, you know?” said Heisler, with a laugh.

He said he is taking the March snowfall in stride, he’s cautiously enjoying the clean-up while surrounded by picturesque scenes around his home.

“Some people want it to be tropics next week but wait it out. It’s only a few more weeks," said Heisler.

For more tips of winter weather safety tips, including shoveling, follow the link here.

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