PA Liquor Control Board to hold auction for two extremely rare Single Malt Scotches

HARRISBURG — The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board is holding its first-ever auction for two very rare bottles of Scotch, the agency announced Monday.

One is a Macallan 1949 Single Malt Scotch Highland, and the other is a Macallan 1989 Single Malt Scotch Highland. The LCB chairman says the scotches are extremely rare and difficult to find anywhere around the world.

To participate in the Rare Vintage & Specialty Product Auction, consumers must:

– Set up an online account here.

– Read the terms and conditions.

– Complete a bid sheet found at the link below.

– Obtain a $2,500 cashier’s check or certified check as bid surety.

– Mail or hand deliver the bid packet, including bid sheet and surety, to:

PLCB Purchasing & Contract Administration Division
Product Auction
Northwest Office Building, Room 312
Harrisburg, PA 17124-0001

Licensees may participate in this product auction so long as they hold a retail license in active/operational status authorizing the resale of wine and spirits for on-premises consumption. For more information on licensee bid submissions, click here.

Auction participants may submit multiple bids for one or more products, but each bid must be submitted on a separate bid sheet. A separate bid surety must be included for each product for which a bid is submitted. Bids must be in whole dollar amounts, clearly written on the bid sheet, and must meet or exceed the minimum bid amount established for each product.

The highest eligible bidder for each product will have 15 days to remit full bid payment (less the $2,500 surety) by ACH debit, once notified they are the highest bidder. Once full payment has been received, the product will be hand delivered to the winning bidder’s Fine Wine & Good Spirits store of choice.

The starting bid for the 52-year-old bottle is $25,000, and the opening bid for the 1989 bottle is $9,000.

Bids will be accepted through April fifth. Bidders need to set up an account through

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