TSA: Florida man attempts to bring replica grenade launcher onto flight from Lehigh Valley Airport

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ALLENTOWN — Transportation Security Administration officers at Lehigh Valley International Airport got an eye-opening surprise Monday when a Florida man attempted to bring what appeared to be an unassembled rocket propelled grenade launcher and a grenade onto the plane in his checked luggage.

The bag contained the weapon’s barrel, trigger, sights and a grenade, the TSA said in a press release.

On closer inspection, agents determined it was not a functioning grenade launcher, and the grenade itself was a realistic replica.

The man, a resident of St. Augustine, was detained by police for questioning, the TSA said. He told officials he thought the item could be brought on the flight in a checked bag.

Realistic or replica weapons of a military nature are not permitted on airplanes, the TSA says.

The items were confiscated by the TSA. The man was allowed to board the flight to Orlando, the TSA says.

The TSA would like to remind travelers that those who bring weapons or replica weapons to an airport can be subject to civil penalties of up to $13,000.

The complete list of penalties is posted online here: https://www.tsa.gov/travel/civil-enforcement.

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