Concerns over lack of handicapped parking in Middletown

MIDDLETOWN, DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. -- There are growing concerns in Dauphin County over handicapped parking spaces in Middletown borough.

Some say there is a need for more spaces and that the borough's permit process isn't working to meet the need.

Hanna Mack had a serious back injury and has a handicapped sign that she uses.  Mack says finding any sort of space that is handicapped is an every day issue for her, adding that West Emaus Street is the hardest to find parking.

“It’s hard for me to get around sometimes and for me even when we have groceries, we have to drag those groceries from the corner all the way up here to all the way over here and it’s just too hard," said Hanna Mack, Middletown. 

Last year, a handicapped parking program ordinance in Middletown Borough was revised. The ordinance allows people to apply  for a marked on-street handicapped spot outside of their home for $75. 

However, the ordinance states there has to be enough on-street space in front of a property for it to be approved by the borough. 

Mack says she and her partner made some calls and was told getting a spot on West Emaus Street  would not be possible.

"The landlord won’t do anything because he works for the borough," said Mack.

FOX43 reached out to Middletown Borough for comment, however they declined our request for an interview.

People who live in the area say the problem with parking is evident.

“There’s no parking in the borough," said Bob Shoenfelt, Middletown. "I see people walking from like two or three blocks just to come here to eat," he added. 

“I mean they put a lot of money into the town here as far as the streets and so forth so why wouldn’t they have some handicapped spots available for the handicapped people," said Craig Rowe, Middletown. 

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