Northern Lancaster County Regional Police warn of arrest warrant phone scam

CLAY TOWNSHIP, Lancaster County, Pa. --- Northern Lancaster County Regional Police say they received a couple calls this week from concerned people.

They were told that the 'Warwick Police Department' called them, saying they had issued a warrant for their arrest and that it could only be stopped by paying them money.

There are two falsehoods in that claim.

The first being the Warwick Police Department has not existed since 2012.

Also, as Officer Alexandria Parisi puts it, a call like that doesn't happen.

“We would never call anybody and tell them that they have a warrant out for their arrest and if they didn’t want to be arrested that they need to pay us money. We would never do that," said Officer Parisi.

When people would re-dial the scam number, listed as (717) 626-3162, they would be routed to a number within Northern Lancaster County Regional Police.

Since being alerted, Parisi said the department disconnected that number, which was being spoofed.

She said that's technology that allows scammers to fake caller ID information to disguise their identity.

“When they do this, it’s hard to track them back to where they’re calling from," said Parisi.

She said police do not know the specifics on what and how much was being demanded by the scammers.

However, she said these types of calls usually target vulnerable people who are more susceptible to pay, such as the elderly.

“When we do receive these kinds of scams, they are asking for money, gift cards, money orders. It could be anywhere for any amount," said Parisi.

Police say they've received no reports of someone falling victim to this scam.

They also haven't heard any additional reports since disconnecting the line.

They recommend to avoid answering calls from unusual numbers or to hang up if something seems suspicious, such as demands for money or personal information.

If you or someone you know falls victim to this scam, report it to police.

Northern Lancaster County Regional Police non-emergency line is 717-733-0965.

In an emergency, call 911.

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