‘He just wanted to pet it’: 4-year-old Georgia boy learns you can’t sleep with your pet fish

Photo: Tori Hamilin (via Facebook)

Everett Hamlin, a 4-year-old from Georgia, recently learned that it’s possible to love something a little too much.

His mom, Tori, recently shared on Facebook the tragicomic story of her son’s decision to invite his best buddy into his bed for a sleepover.

The only problem? Everett’s best bud was a goldfish.

Tori Hamlin recounted the story in her Facebook post.

“We put Everett to bed and we’re in the living room watching a movie, and heard a noise in Everett’s room, so we called him out there and he said it was his drawer that made the noise,” she wrote.

Hamlin sent Everett back to bed, and went to check on him about 15 minutes later. She noticed his chair had been pulled near his dresser and the lid was off his fish tank.

Everett’s fish was not in the tank, and Hamlin couldn’t find it.

She called her husband, Everett’s dad Corey, to help find the fish.

Soon after, they discovered Everett was sleeping with his favorite pet.

The fish, sadly, did not survive the encounter.

“Everett has had this fish almost his whole life,” his mom wrote. “Now he’s upset (because) he killed it.

“(He) said he just wanted to pet it.”

Tori Hamlin said in a subsequent Facebook post that they bought her son a new fish with a bigger, less accessible tank.

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