Some stores in York County no longer staying open 24-hours

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YORK TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY, Pa. -- Some stores in York County are no longer offering 24-hour services.

Giant on Pauline Drive and CVS on Tyler Run Road in York township is one of a handful of places announcing its decision to close at midnight.

However, some customers are calling the move an inconvenience.

"I actually live super close so it was always nice to have the convenience being able to stop when I got off work or if I was out late," said Miranda King, customer. 

“It was just a big shock because I-83 is right there, people are traveling, they might need something on the go really quick," said Audrey Nicholson, Giant employee. 

According to Nicholson, there are dozens of customers with odd hours that get groceries at the York Township location after midnight.

“I feel like it will affect a lot of people," said added Nicholson. 

FOX43 reached out to Giant Food Stores regarding its decision to change hours at some of its stores.

In a statement they replied: "The decision to reduce our overnight hours will allow us to focus our resources on customer service during the day when the majority of our customers shop in our locations.” - GIANT SPOKESPERSON

CVS also responded with the following statement: “Earlier this year we adjusted its operating hours to 7:00 a.m. to midnight to better align with customer demand at this location.” -CVS

“For people that have children or significant others you have to drive somewhere else or get it earlier in the day and if you’re working you don’t have that option," said King.

Others FOX43 spoke to say they don't mind the change in hours.

“It really doesn’t affect me, as long as they are open until midnight I am fine," said Raymond Norfleet. 

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