Rain showers arrive late tonight and temperatures warm up nicely Sunday!

WET SATURDAY NIGHT: The start to this weekend shaped up pretty nice! Temperatures this afternoon shot up into the low to mid 40s and clouds finally cleared out. Unfortunately, the cloudless skies are limited and the clouds thicken back up tonight with our next system. Thankfully, this time we are tracking out a mainly rain even across the area. During the onset of precipitation, there is a small chance that some of the higher elevations where it is colder could see a brief period of freezing rain or icing. Given warming temperatures through tonight, everyone should be mostly seeing plain old rain. There will be brief periods of moderate rain tonight and some thunder is possible as well. All wet weather will be coming to an end tomorrow morning around 10-11 AM. Rainfall totals from tonight should be in the half an inch to an inch range, flooding is not a concern tonight.

WARMER TEMPERATURES RETURNING: Following a week of unseasonably cooler temperatures – we are sitting on the heels of a nice warm up especially for Sunday and Monday. Temperatures these days will likely be well above average for this time of year, yay! After rain showers clear out early Sunday, winds shift from easterly to southerly. This shift will allow warmer temperatures from the south to slide our way. Given the decent start to the day with temps only dropping into the mid 30s tonight, we should have no trouble breaking into the mid to even upper 50s Sunday afternoon. One model at this time continues to dam the cold air in and not allow the warm front to cross through. This situation would have us stuck in the 40s all day, but at this time this solution does not look likely. The warm air should hold into the start of the new work week for Monday as well!

BRIEF COOL-DOWN TUESDAY: A strong piece of energy swoops through the area late Monday night bringing a brief shot of colder air our way. Highs on Tuesday will be knocked back into the low to mid 40s which is a tad below average for this time of year. This disturbance will likely also kick up our winds for both Monday and Tuesday. Winds calm down late in the day on Tuesday. The cool-down is very short lived, temperatures should be recovering by Wednesday back into the upper 40s and potentially 50s! By the end of the next work week, we could be flirting with mid to upper 60s! Much welcomed warmer air is on the way.

Have a spectacular Saturday!

Meteorologist Jessica Pash

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