Gnome homes rebuilt after being destroyed in Perry County

DUNCANNON, Perry County - A man re-built several gnome homes after they were destroyed at a park in Perry County.

A few days before last Christmas several gnome homes were destroyed and most of the damage was beyond repair.

Steve Hoke, the man who built the homes did not let vandalism get in the gnomes' way. He repaired most of the homes to replace what once was.  Hoke said he would like to expand the gnome community and build more, to send a message to those that left the gnome homes in ruins.

"I would like to see if that community and these people in general who did the damage will maybe embrace these gnome homes this time around. The community has done a wonderful job and they have been extremely supportive. So, we will continue to pursue this," said Hoke.

It's been a community effort, he said, as many people came forward and donated wood for the homes to be fixed. Hokes said he's is willing to keep re-building if they're ever destroyed again.

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