Tips to avoid scams with nearly one month left to file your taxes

HARRISBURG Pa.-- It might be hard to believe but there is just about a month left to file your taxes!

On Monday at the State Capitol, The Department of Revenue will be meeting with members of the IRS, and CPA's to provide some helpful filing tips and ways to avoid tax scams.

Tax fraud is when someone gets a hold of your personal information, and it actually happens more than you think. That is why experts urge you to be extremely careful when it comes to filing your tax returns.

The IRS says they never demand a specific form of payment from you. They say criminals will call taxpayers all the time in a professional yet aggressive way, claiming they work for the IRS and demanding payments. The IRS wants you to know that they do not do that. They say they will call but only during certain circumstances. Typically they first send a letter to your home or business.

One of the best things the IRS says you can do is to file early and be organized. They say if you think you are being targeted to contact them them the right away you can find contact info on their website.

If you are getting spam emails or calla they simply say to hang up, don't respond, and delete them. The IRS says it is very important to always be on top of your personal security information and to always update your passwords.

The last day to file your taxes is on Monday April, 15. You can find more tax tips on the IRS website.

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