‘Ask Evan’: “Why are other state’s police car lights blue?”

This week's 'Ask Evan' question comes from Francis P.  Francis asks, "Why is it some states down south have only blue lights on their police vehicles?  And all the other states have red and blue lights on their police vehicles?"

Emergency lights can even vary widely from state to state and city to city in much of the country.  Across much of the United States, early police cars featured only a single, non-flashing, red emergency light at the front of the car.  Over time, police cars began to add another color: blue. In many areas including much of Pennsylvania-- flashing red and blue lights are the standard emergency lights on many vehicles.

However, as you've noticed, there are more and more police cars using only blue flashing lights particularly State Police or Highway Patrols in other states.  In neighboring Ohio, for example, many police departments are going to all blue light bars.

There are studies that show blue lights are more visible and brighter both day and night.  But, there are also some who argue that when it comes to safety and visibility the red-blue debate is a tossup.  So that's why there is still a wide array of lighting on police cars.

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