Car service app helping people get home on St. Patrick’s Day without a DUI

YORK, Pa.  -- Some restaurants in York County are making sure patrons are going home safely this  Saint Patrick’s Day.

Places like White Rose Bar and Grill” in York are making it a point to work together with Uber drivers to make sure people are getting home without a DUI.

“We try to make sure they get home safe and everything make sure they get Ubers and we have Ubers that line up," said Kenny Brown, General Manager at White Rose Bar & Grill. 

Brown says he is very serious about making sure each person has a ride and has gone to great lengths doing so.

“I have no problem making sure they get a ride and pay for it myself I’ve done it plenty of times," added Brown. 

Some people say ride service apps like Uber have made all the difference.

"I am very grateful that nowadays Uber and Lyft because it stops me from not thinking dramatically and getting into my car," said Danielle Olsen of York. 

“Uber is definitely at the back of my pocket literally every time I drink," said Breeana Taylor of York.

Others say they have learned from their mistakes and use Uber to stay on the right side of luck. 

 “I’ve had a DUI in the past and I do not plan on having a second one," said Gene Sotdorus of York. "I’m going to use Uber to go home," he added.

“We take them home safe they don’t have to bring the car and end up with a DUI and Uber does the best for them, take them home, like these two that I got right here with me," said Daniel Colon of York.

Police say they will be on high alert for drunk drivers through the holiday weekend.

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