Local construction company introduces automatic flagging system

A local construction company is trying to keep workers safe by installing automatic flagging systems.

D.E. Gemmill Inc. is testing the system at several work zone locations in York County.

The automatic flagging system uses a tablet that monitors and regulates traffic flow.

According to the Federal Highway Administration, about 800 people are killed and 42,000 thousand others are hurt every year.

"It removes two flaggers from the end of the project. It makes the system automated so that if somebody runs into a  work zone there’s less danger of somebody getting hurt," says Gemmill.

The technology also checks for dangerous work conditions, provides continuous traffic monitoring and alerts construction personnel instantly if the system detects anything that might be a threat to safety, according to a release from D.E. Gemmill Inc.

Police will also benefit.

"If a driver runs the work zone or there’s a violation the police can actually go back and track that person down," said Gemmill.

Gemmill adds that this technology will help construction workers advance to other areas within the field.

Drivers should expect to see more of the flagging systems on the road this Spring and Summer.

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