ILoveKickboxing inspires women to throw a punch

YORK COUNTY -- Kickboxing workouts are said to be the hottest new trend in fitness for 2019 and this holds especially true for women.

You can give kickboxing a try at the newest gym in York County. ILoveKickboxing is offering new membership deals.

It is mostly women who are taking classes at ILoveKickboxing.

Beth Lehr is the manger at ILoveKickboxing and says women are finally taking care of women. “We take care of our kids and we take care of our house. It’s time to take care of us.”

The women taking the kickboxing classes say they are working on their health, bodies and mind all in one place.

Kickboxing is a non-traditional work out that’s getting the ladies in physical shape while allowing them to take a mental breather.

“I have so much more energy”

Phoebe Schmehl has been taking the classes for just one month and says her life is already changed.

“I have so much more energy. I wake up before work and I come to an hour-long class and I work 12-hour shifts so you would think I’d be really tired at the end of the day, but I actually have more energy.”

ILoveKickboxing is offering grand opening deals and discounts. There’s even a deal that will get you a pair of boxing gloves for free.

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