Audit of PA Turnpike to be released Thursday, Auditor General Depasquale to discuss rising turnpike tolls

HARRISBURG, Pa.-- Auditor General Eugene Depasquale is expected to reveal the findings of his latest performance audit of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission.

The audit will provide further details into the impact of rising tolls in Pennsylvania, which has been a major concern for drivers since they went up at the start of the year.

The six percent increase went into effect the first week in January, making it the 11th time in a roll of toll going up. This left many drivers extremely frustrated.

Like previous annual toll increases -- the 2019 toll increase is required to meet the PTC's funding obligations which include maintaining and improving the 552-mile PA Turnpike System.

The PTC has been increasing tolls annually since 2009, this is due to a funding obligation required by a 2007 state law, known as Act 44. Under that law the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission has delivered just over six billion dollars in toll-backed funding to PennDOT in 11 years.

PA Turnpike Commission officials say the money made from tolls will continue to go towards improving roadways.

Depasquale will be joined by the Turnpike Commission CEO to discuss his performance audit at 11:00 a.m.n on Wednesday, at the State Capitol Media Center. They will be discussing more on the impact of rising tolls and the need to alleviate the turnpike systems mounting debt.

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