Big changes to BAPS Motor Speedway

NEWBERRY TOWNSHIP, York County-- More than six decades of racing at BAPS Motor Speedway and ahead of its 65th season, BAPS took advantage of the off-season and made some much needed improvements.

“We’ve always been pushing pretty hard for safety and renovations and the facility was kind of behind the times," said Kolten Gouse, BAPS Motor Speedway General Manager.

Renovations span over three months and it didn’t come cheap. Well over a six figure improvement to install a 950 foot long catch fence from turn four to turn one; the entire length of the grandstands to keep fans safe. New lighting on the front stretch takes away dark spots from previous years and a complete reconstruction of turn one.

“Those were the three major projects this year. Three and a half months to get things finalized and ready to go," said Gouse.

Along with all of the improvements, 40 tri-axel loads of dirt were brought in to resurface the track.

“Anything we have to change or make better, we’ll certainly do that and find a way to make it better,” said Gouse.

The hardest part, competing with mother nature.

“It’s been a little tough. The weather hasn’t been the greatest this winter, but for the most part, everything should be done on time," said Gouse.

Just in time for the dust to fly.

“Just like anything else, I think it will be filled with a lot of excitement," said Gouse.

The green flag waves Saturday, March 23rd at 5 P.M.

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