FOX43 Finds Out: Time is running out to file a hail damage claim

LANCASTER, Pa -- Most insurance companies allow people a year to file a hail damage claim.

South Central PA saw a big hail storm last May that damaged plenty of roofs.

A crew from TEC were recently replacing the roof of a home in Lancaster.

A project manager says his company alone has replaced more than 1,000 roofs over the past 10 months that were damaged in that hail storm.

"What will happen with these impact marks is that over the course of the next couple of years, it can and will lead to a leak," said Ryan Reighard, a Senior Project Manager with TEC.

He says most people who think they may have hail damage, have until May 14th to file a claim with their homeowners insurance company.

"The insurance company owes it to the homeowner to come out and take a look at the roof and property for any damages they have have sustained."

The Project manager has two recommendations:

  1. Get a roofer who is HAAG certified.  That means they've had extra training so they can tell the difference between wear and tear versus damage.
  2.  Make sure you have the certified roofer and your insurance company adjuster there on the same day to look at the potential damage together.
    That why you can let them discuss if there's an issue - instead of you playing the middle man.

Reighard said, "It`s important that we meet together, both carrying the same certifications so we can accurately access the home for the home owner."

Angie Aldinger had a HAAG certified roofer and an insurance adjuster from USAA take a look at her roof in Wrightsville, York County after a hail storm.

She recommends the same for people filing claims in the future.

"Our entire roof was covered. New siding for the house. New gutters, new fascia, new everything."

FOX43 Finds Out has done a handful of stories related to hail damage, especially when it comes to Erie Insurance Group.

Some insurance experts claim roofing companies may tell homeowners there's damage when there's really not.

FOX43 Finds Out asked TEC about that and employees said they always give an honest assessment of the roof and if there is no damage, they will tell a homeowner the truth.

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