‘Honey thief’ targeted beehives at Susquehanna University

SNYDER COUNTY, Pa. — Susquehanna University believes that a black bear damaged beehives on the campus during the weekend of March 16-17.

The “honey thief,” is said to have broken into the hives that are located outside of the university’s Center for Earth and Environmental Research building.

Two of the three hives were intact, but the third, according to the university, was “pulled apart, dragged about 50 feet away and heavily licked.” Staff reassembled the hive but the bear came back the next night.

No need to fret though, as the hives have since been moved to the property of Lloyd Knouse, who mentors the university’s student-run Beekeepers Club. The university notes that the hives will return to campus when an electrified fence is in place.

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