Lawmakers petition for e-scooters in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania lawmakers are working across the aisle to legalize e-scooters in the state.

“People are realizing especially millennials realize that you only use your car about 4% of the day and then for the cost of the car and the cost of parking in cities, their great sources of transportation," said Republican State Representative Greg Rothman.

Representative Rothman sponsors House Bill 631 which would add scooters to the state vehicle code and make them legal. Democratic State Representative Stephen Kinsey co-sponsors the bill.

“When you think about all of the cars on the roadways if you take a scooter, I mean again, it’s gonna be less congestion as well," said Kinsey.

Lawmakers also say e-scooters will cut down on pollution and give people another option of travel.

Right now, several cities like Washington DC, Baltimore, Detroit, and are using them.

“People aren’t going to do something that’s environmentally friendly just because we say its good," said Director of Mid-Atlantic Government Relations for Lime Shari Shapiro.

"They’re going to do it if it makes it more convenient if it’s economically beneficial and these [e-scooters] make people smile."

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