3 activists removed from state Rep. Stephanie Borowicz’s office

HARRISBURG — Three people were removed from the office of state Rep. Stephanie Borowicz on Thursday afternoon, according to a spokesman for the Pennsylvania Department of General Services.

Those individuals were part of a group of five to six activists that went to Rep. Borowicz’s office in the Irvis Building, the spokesman said.

The office secretary asked the group to leave and they would not. Capital Police were called and when the three police continued to be non-compliant, police removed them from the building. The spokesman added that no charges were filed or citations issued. Th individuals were told to leave and released.

According to a release, the activists had demanded Rep. Borowicz to apologize for what they believed was an offensive and Islamophobic invocation she delivered prior to the swearing-in of state Rep. Movita Johnson-Harrell, the first Muslim woman elected to the Pennsylvania House.

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