DEP finds evidence of metal outside of J&K Salvage property

SPRING GARDEN TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY, Pa. -- Complaints of metal debris coming from a York County salvage yard is now prompting a PA Department of Environmental Protection investigation.

This comes after some neighbors at Regents Glen Townhomes in Spring Garden Township allege pieces of metal from J&K Salvage were launched towards their homes.

In a preliminary investigation, the DEP found evidence of metal along a Rail Trail nearby between the homes and the salvage yard.

FOX43 reached out to the owner of J&K Salvage, Joe Darrah for comment on the findings, however he declined to go on camera.

In statement the DEP, they wrote in part -- "A DEP waste management program inspector found evidence of metal materials along a nearby rail trail that indicates it may have come from J&K Salvage. J&K Salvage is currently under a Consent Order Agreement with DEP dating back to 2007."

According to the DEP, part of that agreement requires J&K to implement best management practices.

The investigation will determine if they have followed through.

“Years ago a wall was put up not far from here and at the time that seemed to put a stop to reports," said Mark Walters, spokesperson with York County.

Mark Walters with York County says safety is number one.

“We want everyone to feel safe in our parks kids, adults people who use it should feel safe," added Walters.

“Even if you put up like a wire mesh around the area that shouldn’t be too expensive and that would stop it," said Richard Stehle.

FOX43 confirmed Spring Garden Township is aware of the complaints and is working alongside the DEP as the investigation continues.

A spokesperson with York County tells FOX43 the metal shredder on the property in question, will be shut down until a shield preventing debris from being released is installed onto the machine.

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