York County woman accused of filing false child-sex trafficking claim against ex-boyfriend

YORK COUNTY — A 59-year-old Mount Holly Springs woman is facing charges of harassment, stalking, and interference with custody of children after she allegedly filed a false claim of child sex trafficking against her ex-boyfriend after he moved in with another woman, according to Mount Holly Springs Police.

Tanya M. Greiman was charged Thursday after police investigated a complaint filed by York Count Children & Youth Services, which said it received an anonymous call from a woman accusing her ex-boyfriend of having sex with two juvenile girls, ages 13 and 15, in exchange for providing free rent to the girls’ mother, who lived in an apartment complex on the 600 block of N. Baltimore Avenue.

Police say Greiman made the accusation so that the girls would be removed from the home.

Greiman and the man she accused had been dating until the previous Sunday, when the man moved in with the other woman and her daughters, police say. This made Greiman “f—ing furious,” she later told police, and prompted her to make the false allegation, according to the criminal complaint.

Greiman is also accused of following the two girls and yelling obscenities about their mother at them, allegedly calling the woman “a f—ing whore,” and “a fat whale,” police say.

She also went to the balcony outside her apartment every morning and yelled obscenities about the woman to the children, posting obscene signs about the woman around the apartment complex, texting her ex-boyfriend non-stop and ignoring return texts asking her to stop contacting him, and following the children home from their school bus stop, according to police.

Police say they examined Greiman’s cell phone and found messages to her ex-boyfriend that expressed her intent to “ruin (his) life” with the accusations.

Greiman was told by police not to contact the victims in any way after leaving the interview, but she allegedly continued contacting them, police say.

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