Shippensburg Little League in need of new field lights following storm damage

SHIPPENSBURG, CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Pa. --  Shippensburg Little League is in need of more than just support from the stands.

Last month a storm left a 40-foot `Doc Norcross Stadium' light damaged after coming down on a concession stand.

Due to Little League safety standards, all of the lights on the poles were taken down and have to be replaced to be up to code, costing the non-profit nearly $145,000.

"It had actually sheared it off at the bottom and shot the lights themselves out into the parking lot," said Tiffany Roth, Vice President, Shippensburg Little League.

More than 200 players are now unable to play at night.

"It was really disappointing when I heard we didn't have lights and couldn't practice at night or anything," said Keegan Reed, 'Rangers' Shippensburg Little League player.

Practice schedules have also been complicated.

"So the kids go to school, by the time they get out there's very little time to practice before the sun sets," said Eric Williams, Assistant Coach, 'Rangers' Shippensburg Little League

Coach Williams says the lights also bring people together.

"This is where we play under the lights people actually slow down people actually get out from behind their phones behind their TV`s and and actually communicate with each other," said Williams.

Even if enough money is raised the team still faces a lengthy process ahead.

Shippensburg borough officials will need to vote on the new poles being placed since it falls under zoning codes.

The meeting will take place April 17.

If you'd like to donate, visit:  and click on "Operation Under the Lights."

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