Report: York County woman kidnapped in Afghanistan testifies about husband’s abuse

OTTAWA, CANADA — York County native Caitlan Coleman,  testified that her husband, Joshua Boyle, dictated all aspects of her life during and after they were held hostage for five years, in court last Friday, according to the Guardian.

Coleman says Boyle’s behavior “was just like my captors”, the Guardian reported.

Coleman spoke through a video link to avoid being in the same room as Boyle, according to the Guardian.

Boyle is accused of assaulting two women, including his wife who, according to the CBC, lifted the court-ordered publication ban that shielded her identity. The other victim’s identity remains protected by the ban.

Boyle and Coleman were abducted by the Taliban while backpacking through Afghanistan in 2012. The two, along with their three children who were born in captivity, were freed on October 12, 2017.

According to police, Boyle was arrested in Ottawa on New Year’s Day of 2018. The 19 charges against him stem from incidents that occurred between October 14, 2017, and December 30, 2017.

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